Commercial and Business Insurance

What is Business Insurance?

Business Insurance is there to help protect your business from financial loss caused by risks to property and income. Also known as commercial insurance, it helps protect from financial loss. Covered risks include theft, damage, and lawsuits. Sometimes it can even cover injured workers’ lost wages. This coverage depends on your insurance.

Why do you need Business Insurance?

Businesses need insurance for many different reasons. Some coverage is required by law in order for a business to operate. Typical business insurance includes disability insurance, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. Insurance for a business is also called commercial insurance. It can help cover the costs of legal claims against your business.

Without coverage, a business will have to pay out-of-pocket. A business may not have the financial means to survive after an incident. Whether it is property loss, legal claims, or employee injury or illness, there is coverage to help.

Types of Commercial Insurance Coverage​

  • Commercial Property – Commercial property insurance helps cover the loss when assets are destroyed in a covered event. These assets can include tools, inventory, a physical location, or even accounts receivable.
  • General Liability – Accidents unfortunately happen. Liability insurance helps protect the business from the risk in an injury or damage.
  • Business Income – When a business owner is unable to continue operations, it can be devastating. Business income insurance helps replace the income due to a covered loss. This insurance helps the business continue to meet obligations. These obligations usually include payroll and rent.

Grab your Business Insurance quote

The type of coverage you need from your commercial insurance depends on the industry and nature of your business. Jack Fling Insurance focuses on keeping your business protected. This way you can focus on running your business. We’ll help you get the right insurance plan, so that you’re covered top-to-bottom. Contact us today at 740-363-1141 to get a quote on the right commercial insurance coverage for your business. 

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