Home Insurance Tailored to Your Needs.

Jack Fling Insurance Agency will help you protect your personal property and belongings. With a comprehensive home insurance policy, you’re sure to get the coverage you need. From personal property to flood coverage, we will help you find the perfect policy. Contact us today at 740-363-1141 or 740-815-6350 to get a quote on the right Home Insurance for you.

Homeowners’ Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance will protect your home and the things in it against disasters. Homeowners’ insurance is typically called a “package policy”. This means that it provides coverage for property damage and injuries to you, family members, and visitors.

Most disasters are covered in typical policies, though there are some exceptions. Flood, earthquake, and poor maintenance are usually the exceptions. You will need to purchase separate coverage for earthquakes and floods. However, maintenance problems are not covered.

Renters’ Insurance

Jack Fling Insurance Agency also offers renters’ insurance. Sometimes your landlord requires you to have renters’ insurance. Also, their insurance may only protect the property and not your belongings. It is an affordable way to protect yourself and your belongings if the unexpected happens. We will work with you to ensure that the policy you choose fully covers belongings.

Things to consider with Home Insurance

  • How much would it cost to rebuild the house?
  • How much would it cost to replace my belongings if they are damaged or destroyed?
  • What is the claim process?
  • Who do you call and what happens after a claim?

Get your Homeowners’ or Renters’ Insurance quote

Jack Fling Insurance Agency will help you find the best coverage for your home and belongings. Whether you’re renting or own the home, we will match the coverage to your needs. We want you to relax, knowing your policy protects you and the things you care about. Contact us today at 740-363-1141 for a quote on the best coverage for your home.

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